Monday, 18 April 2011

Wink wink ;) :D :)

He`s not a handsome guy ,
but , He is a really kind person that i`ve never met this before ,
and also He is the funniest person that i ever met ,
I very glad to know him ,
I really feel happy to be his friend .
and , im really proud to be his friend .
He always cheers me and make me happy when im not in mood or when im feeling sad .
He willing to hear my problem ,
He accept me whatever i am ,
And, what the important it is,
He like to advice me when im doing wrong and he always be my side .
and also , He never count on me .
I hope our friendship never ends and lasts .
and I also I hope we can be a good friend .
Im sorry if i have hurt you before this about my attitude ,
im sorry if i have raise my voice to you and also, im sorry if before this i can`t understand you .
im really really sorry .
hope you can forgive me .
And You`re the best best person and the best best friends that i have :)

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