Friday, 8 April 2011

Regretted Plus Stress with My College Life :/

Hey peeps . you must wonder right where i go for all this while right ? and not post something at my blog ? lately, i busyy with my college life and my study . and also, find some calmness for myself . im tryin to forget him although its hard and its already almost one month i`ve tried to forget him . but untill right now, i still cant and never 4get him. why ? why ? why i need to remember about him anymore ? he never ever came back to me . never ! im stress fuckin shit to live this life and sometimes i feel lazy and dont want to further my studies anymore or quit from my college to study . i dont have any spirit to study . seriously ! almost the time i think about him . and sometimes i forced myself to do my assignments . hurmmmmmmmmmm :'(  :'(  when i think again and again, i feel regretted what i did to him and miss him badly damn .  i heard from my friends that He getting worst and look mess up this lately ?  idk why . and many of my friends say he became such like that, adalah keranaa aku . betul kaa ?  is it my fault peeps ?  * my little heart say * if i make him such like that, im really sorry because make you like this . im really sorry if i messed up ur life capital ab . and i want u to know, not only u suffer and and messed up, but include me . im also suffered . after you left me, my life really miserable and messed up . and im suffer a lot when you left me :(  really suffer ! and almost every night i cried about u . never in one day i cant cry about u . never !! never !!! only god know what i feel and what i suffered . :'(  :'( 

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