Friday, 25 March 2011

Unique plus Messy Badly !

heyy peeps. im new at here, my full name is norainaa. but you can call me raynaa or aynaa. i was born on 31 dec 1992. my zodiac is capricorn. i have 5 siblings include me yeah man :D hahahaa. im the eldest in this family and also the eldest sister in this family yeah man. hahahaha. my life or story not great and not happy like the others. you know what i meant right. no need i to tell very longly and deeply. im such an unique person if you know me. hahahaha. i love rainbow colour veryy much, im crazyy in korean,and, photography babehh :D  i love my bestfriends and my friends. they all very important to me . really important. without them, i felt not complete, and, miserable. really miserable. when i have a problem, they always have with me and always be side with me, always !!!!!!!!  they always cheers me up and make me happy without i want :) tthey also advice me when im doing wrong, thanks babehh, hahaha :DDDDD love you badly damn bestfriends <3 <3

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